Teeth Desensitizer and mineralizing

Fast and efficient!
Dental sensitivity is a physiological sign of tooth vitality and a valid defense mechanism against “harmful” stimuli. In recent years, clinical tests have demonstrated a gradual increase of patients suffering from dental hypersensitivity tied to gum retraction phenomenon, traumas and pathologies, root cement wear or enamel loss. The cause of pain are usually bacterial, chemical, mechanical such as drilling or grinding, osmotic (such as the use of dehydrating substances) or simply the spontaneous pain of exposed dentine.

The Smile® Sensident is indicated as a whitening desensitizing and re-mineralizing treatment that can be applied before or after the whitening treatment.

It is mainly a Potassium Nitrate and sodium fluoride based gel solution ideal in treating dental hypersensitivity. The Smile® Sensident is able to reduce pain in a few minutes. The Smile® Sensident interrupts the perception of pain through nerve receptors, therefore the patient immediately feels relief.

The kit includes:

  • 5 syringes of desensitizing and mineralizing gel, 3 ml content
  • Instructions for use